Basse Def Adventures (NES)


Game cartridge with box, instruction manual and ROM.

Ludo and Simon, two long-time nerd friends, find themselves trapped in a video game, and this time it’s up to you to help them get out!
The Martian Emperor has invaded the video game world with his hordes of robots, and Ludo and Simon will have to face him to return home.
Travel through seven fantastic worlds, fight your way through the crystal forest, climb the ice mountain, find your way through the haunted house, infiltrate the robot base and even go to the moon… The adventures of Simon and Ludo have never been so exciting!
Switch characters on the fly to adapt to the situation: Ludo jumps higher and Simon shoots harder. Use your buddy wisely to get out of all the dangers.
And you won’t be alone! Pasta is there to provide you with valuable advice on how to avoid pitfalls and overcome all challenges.

This game is a collaboration project between Omake Books, Broke Studio, and Jibé, the author of the comic book Basse Def.
The game was originally released in 2019 by Omake Books.

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