What we do ?

Lots of assembly, lots of pixels, lots of chiptune.

Broke Studio is an independent video game studio based in France and created in 2017 by Antoine Gohin, developer of Twin Dragons for the NES.

We specialized in the development of games on old consoles such as the NES, and thanks to our experience, we provide production and publishing services to other developers in order to help them release their games in physical format.

We also attend to various events across France to present and showcase all of the games we distribute. Our goal: offer you new adventures on your beloved consoles.

Partners and friends

Helping developers and others studios to produce their games

As you can see on our website, there’s a variety of games from different video game studios/developers. We work together to produce and even distribute their creations.

We are official partners of

We can help you too!

Be a part of it.

Even if we love to work on our own projects, we would be excited to collaborate with you, whether on an original project, or for porting an existing game to the NES. Feel free to contact us for more information.