Arkagis Revolution (preorder)


Game cartridge with box, instruction manual and ROM.

This is a pre-order for Arkagis Revolution. Games will be shipped somewhere around May (exact date will be announced later). Due to the coronavirus situation, we are longer able to announce a shipping date for now.

Year 2612. Humans have started to travel space and colonizing other planets. For decades, the nation of Arkagis has been under the power of a dictator. The United Space Colonies have sent an army to bring down the dictator and free Arkagis.


Soon it became clear that the USC was trying to claim Arkagis for themselves. The USC army became the defacto government, under the rule of their commander, Victor. A group of Arkagian rebels has been developing a new ship in secret to take on the USC…

Arkagis Revolution is a new action game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive with mode-7 like rotation. You play as Lyn, a pilot from the rebels in the Martian nation of Arkagis, in an attempt to free Arkagis from the control of the United Space Colonies (USC).

Check Arkagis Revolution web page or twitter account for more information on the project.
Arkagis Revolution was created by Sik.


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