Twin Dragons

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Micro Mages

Developed by Morphcat Games

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About Us

We don't have money, but we have ideas

What we do ?

Lots of assembly, lots of pixels, lots of chiptune.

Broke Studio is an independent game studio. We are 3 dudes having fun creating old school games for the NES. We’re also musicians and have already worked together, recording albums. Twin Dragons is currently our main project and we hope you’ll enjoy it as we do, because we have many other game ideas !

That’s it ?

Be a part of it.

Even if we love to work on our own projects, we would be excited to collaborate with you, whether on an original project, or for porting an existing game to the NES.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Meet the team

But who are they ?

Antoine Gohin


Antoine is the lead programmer and he is the one who started this adventure and brought Matt and Martin with him. When he's not running his home-recording studio, he's experimenting new stuff on the NES.

Martin Leborgne


Martin is a full-featured artist from music to stunning illustration including pixel art of course. He's the one who bring brought games life with some nice cooked pixels.

Matt Halberstadt


Matt is the (twisted?!) brain behind the awesome chiptune band Please Lose Battle. As a result, he was the only one who could create the soundtrack and sound effects for our games.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any question !